11/01: So many things for the month of November! First things first, November Announcement. We are also doing this weird Scribblecade, for the entire month too. Come join in the fun cause the fun never stops!

10/01: We have our second Announcement posted and have started our spooky Halloween Event! Come join in the fun and dress your character up in crazy costumes! Also we are OFFICIALLY OPEN!

09/14: We have a couple new updates, including our first ever Announcement. And we have our first ever Development Prompt! We also ask that if you have any suggestions that you please post them here.

09/01: Officiallyin our soft open! Welcome to FK! We are officially in our soft open, and we are excited to see all the new characters and ideas you all come up with.

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It had it's run. Thanks for all the good times.
-Staff of FK
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Welcome to Kismet! We are a constellation themed slice of life site with a rating of 3/3/3. We are set in the fictional town of Seren Falls and have no word count. If you have any questions, please come chat with us!